Our Busy Week

This has been one busy week and also a very exciting week for our family. We had our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday and are very fortunate to have another healthy baby BOY growing in my belly. The bean calls him “Rusty” and already includes him in some of our daily activities like reading books and giving good morning kisses.

photo (15)

This week has partly been busy because I’ve picked up some more hours at the Pilates studio as well as some subbing hours, which are great to have, but pretty exhausting at this point in pregnancy and with a very busy toddler at home. The picture above is early Wednesday morning when I arrived at work in a March snowstorm. I’ve also added a side career as a Norwex consultant. Norwex radically reduces the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning and I’ve been using them for a few years now, so I decided to become a consultant. I will do an entire post on Norwex later. There’s so much more to say! The bottom line is I did an online party this week and it was super fun and kept me busy in the evenings when I wasn’t at the studio.

Thursday was the first day this week when I didn’t have anything going on, so the bean and I made these delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars from what Megan’s making. The bean is really into Sandra Boynton’s “Pookie” books and he pronounces cookie just like pookie. He’s been asking for cookies all week, so I promised a baking date for Thursday, knowing it would still be freezing outside and we wouldn’t have anything else going on. It was a great way to spend our morning. I forgot to snap a picture before we started eating them, but here’s the bean shoveling a cookie bar into his mouth.

photo (13)

That brings us to Friday, which was the first sunny, warmer day we’ve had in months. It was so nice to feel the sunshine. The Bean had Montessori toddler parent school in the morning, a big nap in the afternoon and then we finally made it out to the park. The park was covered in snow, but at least we got out. Montessori is another post I’ve been meaning to do, so now this entry will hold me accountable for a few other topics. Back to Montessori and Norwex later.

photo (14)

Happy weekend everyone!

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